​The 2020 "Fusion Gasifier SE" is our stand alone biofueled gasifier module for pre existing and off the shelf power generators that feature the Honda GX 390 or equivalent clone engines. The machine is standard with full automation via a touch screen interface giving the user full control of the machine. We offer a complete adapter kit, that includes the carburetor adapter. O2 Sensor (for monitoring AFR) and wire harness (for controls over-ride from our interface). All pre engineered to simply plug and play with these generators. The machine is easy to maintain, operate and offers the largest hopper capacity in its class. (60 lbs). 

Fusion Power Gen

What is a VersiFire, Biofueled Energy System?​

Fusion Gasifier SE

The VersiFire Biofueled​ Energy Systems convert biomass fuel (in the form of the 1/4” - 7mm wood pellet) into a combustible gaseous fuel for powering engine driven power generators. The biofuel is broken down via a thermo process that decomposes the fuel media into complex hydrocarbon chains and then simplifies these chains further by breaking them down into hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide and Methane. All are combustible gases that can run in an internal combustion engine. This is all accomplished through our very advanced gasification process and reactor technology. Gasification is well known to a point in stove heating technologies; however, as for engine grade gasification this technology is not commonly known. Our history books left out that in the WWII era there were over a million gasifier systems implemented in driving automobiles and electric power generation. A quick google search for “WWII gasifier” will enlighten you on the subject.

Why this technology has been forgotten about, is a long a story. The short story is; it was never practical. The technology was cumbersome, un reliable, dirty, and users were exposed to CO gases when refueling the machines. Only in recent years have micro controllers been developed that could change all this and do this cost effectively. The micro controllers offered today are very powerful allowing for full automation of the entire gasification process, making the operation of the technology just as easy or even easier to operate than an ordinary gas powered generator. Our advanced reactor technology eliminates combustion gas migration into the hopper eliminating CO exposure to the user while re fueling. Additional advances with our very advanced pellet fueled reactor system allow for consistent fuel flows and break down. This aided with automated fuel management systems and electronic AFR (air / fuel ratio) controls make our machines as reliable as any liquid fueled or NG / LP powered generation system. Since our technology is already equipped with advanced automation we already have the foundation to take things even further to allow autonomous operation. Automatic off grid battery charging or auto detect when you plug your EV into the system. 


Biofueled  Energy Systems

Fusion Gasifier and Power Gen

​We start out the 2020 year, with an all new look, brand new name and all new products designed from the ground up. Formerly known as Thrive Off Grid and Vulcan Gasifier we have established our place as a world leader in small scale gasification to electric power and heat systems. We offer the most advanced systems of their kind with an 8 year development process backing them. Our gasification process and technology is the most advanced to date. This along with very advanced automation controls renders our machines practical for use on a daily basis for off grid energy needs. If you are looking for the best in small scale gasification energy production, look no further, you are here!!

Welcome to VersiFire, Biofueled Energy Systems 

​The 2020 "Fusion Power Gen" is our fully integrated biofueled gasifier to energy system. The Fusion Power Gen is offered in 5 kW and 12.5 kW electrical output options along with optional waste heat recovery systems for combined heat and power.

The machines are fully automated and feature a touch screen interface for full control of the machine. The interface is very simple and user friendly featuring the VersiFire operating system; its simpler than most cell phone apps. The machines offer a low maintenance easy to service filtration system with long char ash clean out intervals and one to two week filter service intervals. The Fusion Power Gen has a 6 stage filtration process, with the largest fuel capacity offered in its class.  

To learn more contact mryder@versifire.com

​We currently offer two system types; the BGM (Biofueled Gasifier Module) and the IBES (Integrated Biofueled Energy System).

The BGM is a stand alone gasifier module intended for pre existing or off the shelf power generators with engine displacements ranging from 390 cc to 500 cc. This is just the gasifier module to convert just about any generator into a biofueled power generator. 

The IBES is a fully integrated system with the engine and generator system combined and integrated with the gasification process. This makes the machine turnkey, allows to take advantage of combining waste heat recovery systems between engine and the gasifier process for CHP (Combined Heat and Power), combining controls systems into one interface, full enclosure system for sound deadening and making the system as a whole more compact.